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Castle Palace of Albalat de Taronchers: Historical and Architectural Gem in la Comunidad Valenciana

2.257 m2
526 m2
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Additional storage space Easy access to amenities Excellent motorway access Exterior cooking area Good access roads Guest accommodation Outdoor dining areas Period building
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Welcome to a unique historical and architectural treasure, the Castle Palace of Albalat de Taronchers. This majestic building, also known as Casa del Castell or Casa de los Blanes, is not only a living witness to history but also an exceptional example of the architectural richness of the Valencia region.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stunning Architecture: This castle-palace stands out for its impressive architecture that combines defensive and palatial elements. The underground floor, which used to house stables for horses, is a testament to its architectural versatility.
  • Majestic Spaces: On the first floor, a vast space accommodates multiple rooms, including a kitchen and dining area. The staircase, steeped in history, leads to the main floor, which was the primary residence. Here, you’ll find spacious lounges, imposing windows, and rooms adorned with period prints and furniture, a true delight for design and history enthusiasts.
  • Versatility on the Top Floor: The top floor offers a spacious open area that can be customized to meet your needs. It’s a blank canvas to unleash your imagination and create a truly unique space.
  • Ample Plot: The castle boasts a generous plot of 526m2, providing outdoor space in the heart of the city.
  • Impressive Dimensions: The total built area of 2,257 m2 is a testament to the grandeur of this property, offering endless opportunities for restoration and customization.

History: In addition to its architectural grandeur, this castle-palace has a rich history dating back to the Hispano-Roman era, with vestiges that speak of its past. Over the centuries, it has witnessed significant events and has been home to notable families, including the Baixauli since 1897.

Discover the perfect fusion of history and architecture at the Castle Palace of Albalat de Taronchers. This property is a blank canvas waiting for your vision for the future. Contact us today to explore this living monument and make your connection to the history of Valencia a reality.


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